10,294 people received food
15,243 people visited withreconciliation message
200,000 bricks baked in kilnfor construction
605 children treated for severe malnutrition
1,100 pounds of beans harvested
122 Congolese employed
12 acres donated by community leaders
$500,000 funds raised for New Hope Congo

South Kivu is one of 26 provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). It is home to five tribes and an estimated population of 5,772,000 (2015).

Continued violence and conflict by rebel militias, with little or no intervention from the DRC government have resulted in burned homes, stolen property, injuries and the loss of many lives.

DRC in Africa

Our initial work is focused on working with four majority tribes in Minembwe - Banyamulenge, Babembe, Bafuliru, and Banyindu.

Our multi-tribal ministry has visited 19 villages in the region to teach about the Gospel of reconciliation and bring nutritional support for many.