New Hope Congo’s food distribution in Minembwe continues in the new year, assisting the vulnerable people affected by ongoing conflicts and regular displacements. Distribution is done in an equitable way among all the tribes. This work continues to foster reconciliation and unity that is contributing to the prevention of tribal divisions and violence. The local communities are very thankful to the donors and NHRC staff and local authorities for the assistance.

2022jan food450wThe New Hope Reconciliation team in the Congo reports that the most recent distribution of food and non-food items was performed in two phases on November 25th and December 10th. The distribution supported 5 villages, namely Kahwela, Kakenge, Kishigo, Madegu and Ilundu. The first round saw 2,212 beneficiaries from 300 households and the second helped 1,955 beneficiaries from 200 households. Clothes were also provided for children and for 1,000 widows.

Local authorities, church representatives and journalists are regularly invited to attend distribution events with our staff. Typical gatherings include a welcome prayer, introductions, and discussion about the project’s goal to help the vulnerable fight hunger and poverty, to reinforce strong social cohabitation to better support reconciliation among tribes, and build lasting peace.

2022jan food clothes450wThe Burgomaster of the Minembwe Commune expressed his appreciation for the work of New Hope Reconciliation Center (NHRC), the local name of our Congo-based operations. “I’m thanking NHRC for this important mission of reconciliation among local tribes. During conflicts, it was not very easy to gather the affected population, but NHRC is [not only] playing a big role in teaching peace and reconciliation but also assisting the hungry people.”

The Pastors’ representative added, “I thank NHRC for their work, for their gospel-led peace building. I really appreciate the reconciliation campaigns they undertake in churches, villages etc. to teach the biblical principles of reconciliation. Our local churches are very committed to working and supporting NHRC activities. Blessings to our donors and NHRC.”

From the Babembe community: “I thank NHRC for what they have done so far. We were in tribal conflict, but NHRC is helping us to come together, share food and everything without discrimination among tribes. We need more assistance because we still have hunger and poverty, and our children still need a lot.”

2022jan food thank1 450wFrom the Bafuliru community: “We thank God who brought NHRC in Minembwe and we really thank NHRC’s support to the vulnerable. NHRC is feeding the hungry, giving clothes to the poor, fighting malnutrition among our children and much more. And even fed the pregnant and nursing women. NHRC is like a parent in Minembwe which is providing the food and non-food to all tribes equally. May God Bless our donors and NHRC mission.”

From the Banyamulenge community: “I extend my since thanks to our donors through NHRC charitable activities in Minembwe. NHRC has become provider, feeder and supporter in Minembwe. I am a displaced and I was very affected by the current conflicts, but I really thank God our comforter, and I really thank NHRC’s role in rebuilding our lives”.

From the Bashi community: “Because of NHRC, I have found many friends from all tribes and I can share everything with them like brothers and sisters. May God bless our donors. We beg peace from our Government and we are ready to live peacefully.”

Please join our prayers that donations will sustain these programs and be able to extend them to 14 other villages and 2,000 more children with Kwashiorkor. We pray, then, that God extend his healing and peace to all in East Congo.