Our approach is uniquely different in several ways. We are helping to bring  peace to the different tribes in conflict by providing for each tribe equally, while creating new channels for communication  and understanding.

We work with a team of committed Congolese leaders on the ground, led by Pastor Joseph Harera, to bring the four warring tribes together to heal and reconcile so that they can live, learn, work, worship, and thrive in Christian community. Our team is made up of individuals from each of the tribes.

Our approach is unique in that where other non-governmental organizations have focused exclusively on individual tribes, we focus on all affected tribes.  When support is not delivered equitably among the tribes, whether from a lack of resources, inadequate local connections or inability to drive a consistent program, the result has led to increased competition for help and a distrust of neighboring tribes and of those providing relief.

New Hope Reconciliation works diligently to treat each tribe equally, fairly, and openly and has been enthusiastically received by many of the East Congolese people in our area of focus.